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America’s Finest Gourmet Baklava

Baklava King was founded in June 2002 in San Diego and since then it has been serving San Diegans with gourmet baklava varieties made with the finest all-natural ingredients. Now, our internet sales department makes it possible for all Americans to enjoy our fine products nationwide.

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Customer Reviews

Quality baklava for its price and catering services. I was not a fan of this desert until after trying the pistachio options this brand offered. Now I’m an addict.

Anthony C., Yelp Review
I have been a customer for 5+ years now. The best baklava hands down! The quality stays the same and the owners are nice and friendly. I used to lived in Tierrasanta and had to drive 10-15 minutes just to buy them. Last year when we purchased our house, I actually start house hunting around Santee because of the Baklava King location lol. Win win situation!
Hazel C., Yelp Review

My daughter was craving for Baklava King’s baklava for her birthday. As usual, I was late in ordering a box, but due to the Baklava King’s fast reaction to my order, the box made it to Maryland not only for her birthday but actually arrived 2 days early which was perfect. I didn’t hear any complaints from my daughter because she was too busy stuffing herself with delicious baklava. A big thank you to Baklava King who once again saved the day for me!

Marcellia M., Yelp Review
If you want really delicious baklava I would not go anywhere else but here! This is seriously the best I have had in San Diego. I will continue to buy here for all my baklava gifts or for myself when I am craving this wonderful treat!..
David P., Yelp Review
If you want the best tasting baklava in your LIFE, you have to check this place out. Not many know about and while it does mainly sells to restaurants and shops, you can still order from them and they are always more than happy to hand out freshly baked baklava and samples of different flavors to try next time.
Chris M., Yelp Review

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