Baklava, the layered pastry dessert known for its sweet, nutty, and flaky perfection, is a beloved treat not only in its native lands but also across the United States. Its popularity has led to a delightful variety of baklava types being available, each with its unique twist. From Turkish baklava to fusion creations, there’s a world of choices for enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to order baklava for a special occasion, send a baklava gift to a loved one, or simply indulge in this sweet delight, this guide will walk you through the types of baklava you can find in the US. 

  1. Classic Turkish Baklava 

Turkish baklava is perhaps the most renowned version, known for its rich layers of thin phyllo dough, generously filled with chopped nuts like pistachios or walnuts. Sweetened with syrup or honey, it’s a classic choice for those looking to experience authentic Eastern Mediterranean flavors. Many Turkish restaurants and bakeries in the US offer baklava delivery or baklava shipped directly to your door, making it easy to enjoy this traditional dessert. 

  1. Greek Style Baklava 

While similar to its Turkish counterpart, Greek baklava often includes a hint of cinnamon and clove in its syrup, giving it a distinctive flavor. The layers are buttery and crisp, with a generous filling of nuts. In the US, Greek baklava is a popular item in Greek eateries and can be ordered online for a taste of Greece. 

  1. Lebanese and Middle Eastern Variants 

Lebanese baklava takes a slightly different approach, often incorporating a variety of fillings like cashews, pine nuts, and almonds, and is sometimes flavored with orange blossom or rose water. Middle Eastern bakeries across the US have made this variant more accessible, with many offering baklava delivery and baklava gift options. 

  1. Armenian Baklava 

Armenian baklava, known for its spiced filling and heavy use of cloves and cinnamon, provides a unique taste experience. It’s usually less sweet than other types and is a favorite in Armenian communities in the US. You can often find it in specialty stores or order baklava online from Armenian bakeries. 

  1. American Fusion Baklava 

In the melting pot of American cuisine, baklava has not been left untouched. Fusion versions include ingredients like chocolate, coconut, and even fruit layers. These innovative takes on the traditional baklava are a testament to the versatility of this dessert. They can be found in contemporary bakeries such as Baklava King and can often be ordered online, with many offering baklava shipped nationwide. 

  1. Vegan and Gluten-Free Baklava 

Catering to dietary preferences and restrictions, some bakeries in the US have started offering vegan and gluten-free versions of baklava. These usually substitute traditional ingredients with plant-based or gluten-free alternatives without compromising on taste. 


From the traditional Turkish baklava to innovative American fusion creations, the variety of baklava available in the US is a testament to the dessert’s enduring appeal. With the convenience of baklava online ordering and baklava delivery services, it’s easier than ever to enjoy this delightful treat from the comfort of your home. Whether as a personal indulgence or a thoughtful baklava gift, there’s a type of baklava for every palate waiting to be discovered and savored.