General Policy

Shipping/Return/Refund Policy:

This is a hand-made food product that is made after you place your order literally and exclusively for you basically with your name on it.  There are a number of quality control stages that involve multiple people inspecting the product.  The product is shipped to you ONLY after it passes all of these very strict,  - a)visual,   b) smell,  c) taste,  d) packaging – tests to ensure utmost quality and to eliminate a valid reason to return the product.

Once you place an order with us, you enter into a transaction of mutual trust based on our reputation on locally in San Diego County business community and various online communities such as Yelp and Facebook and years of proven impeccable business ethic and great character we possess.  Accepting a return of this product is not safe and unreasonable based on the facts stated above.   We can no longer use or sell it and there is no reason to waste more shipping money if you decide that you no longer want this product.

Once we ship this product to you via the USPS Priority Mail, it is insured for getting lost in the mail and for visible damages to the outer product packaging by the USPS.  However it is the recipients’ responsibility to pursue this with their local USPS Post Office.  When you place an order with us, you automatically agree that once the Baklava King LLC delivers your package to the USPS Post Office for shipping, Baklava King LLC is no longer responsible for delays, damages or loss to your package by the actions of the USPS.

Refunds/Order Cancellations/ Changes to Your Order are ONLY possible, if your order has NOT YET been processed (baked and/or shipped).

Baklava King LLC guarantees that your product will be freshly baked and shipped within the 48 hours of receiving your order (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) and unless you specify a certain future date to ship. We ship our products via the -2 to 3 Day USPS Priority Mail-with a tracking number. Please allow up to 10 (ten) days for delivery as Baklava King guarantees that the product is packaged to stay fresh for ten days in its airtight packaging.

If delivery fails due to incorrect address provided by the customer in writing OR if the delivery fails due to the customer not being available to receive (or to pick up) the product, Baklava King LLC will not make any refunds for the purchase. Tracking records provided by USPS will be considered as proof of delivery and final. The customer is responsible to report any obvious damage on the packaging at the time of delivery to the delivering USPS agent or if the agent is not present, promptly at the local Post Office without opening the package within 24 hours (excluding Sundays). Any package that is not delivered by the end of the  5th  (fifth) day after the order is placed, is considered delayed by the USPS Priority Mail standards, and it is the customer’s or the recipients responsibility to follow up with their local USPS Post Office to make sure the product will be expedited to the delivery address.

Please understand that the USPS Priority Mail shipping rate does not guarantee a particular arrival day, date, or time. Therefore Baklava King LLC cannot be held responsible for your product NOT arriving on a particular day, date or time or for a particular event when we ship your product via the USPS Priority Mail.

When you place your order with the Baklava King LLC, in person, online, on the phone or via email, you agree to all of the above.