Showing Up At Our Facility

Public is welcome and encouraged to visit our facility and purchase baklava and other menu items we make directly from us.

How Does It Work?

  1. Baklava King LLC is NOT a restaurant. You cannot eat at our facility or get table service. There are no tables or chairs and no waiters at our facility. But you can pick up your baklava here.
  2. You can order online for pick up and pre-pay at this website (and pay NO shipping charges) OR order via email and pay when you get here OR order by phone and pay when you get here.
  3. If you just show up unannounced, we may or may not have the baklava of your choice. So we strongly advice to order in advance. Luckily we keep a freshly baked and frozen batch of our most popular selections always on hand. And given the fact that baklava actual improves its texture when frozen, more than likely you will be able take home some great tasting baklava even if you “just show up”.
  4. And YES!!! We do have a small 10 piece box for currently at $12 for “walk-in customers” ONLY. This box is based on availability and not guaranteed. Therefore this is another good reason to call us in advance to check and see if we have it available.
  5. Since we are NOT a retailer we cannot sell baklava by piece.  Your choices will be either the 32 piece standard box or the 10 piece “walk-in customer only” box.
  6. Once you get here we do provide samples ONLY by AVAILABILITY.   We like to share :)
  7. If our time and work load permits we will be glad to welcome you in our state-of-the-art production kitchen and give you a quick tour.
  8. We ask you to control your kids and your cough if you are under the weather when visiting our location.
  9. Also it is important to observe our Hours of Operation. We are open Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM.  If you are absolutely unable to pick up your baklava during these days and hours, please call and we will work something out for 32 piece box orders only. We may be able to wait for you for a few minutes after hours OR if we are available, we may give you an appointment for Saturday or Sunday morning to meet you at the shop and hand you the baklava. We don’t bake on weekends and we are closed on Saturday and Sunday…you know…family stuff. :)
  10. And please come and visit us. You are most welcome and it will be a great experience to see where your baklava is made and meet the people who make your baklava.


SANTEE, CA 92071



Baklava King LLC is proud to introduce our State of the Art, and California State Department of Health Licensed production facility located in Santee, San Diego County, California. Click Here